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The power plant will consume approximately 6.5 million tons of indigenous coal per year from the adjacent mine.



for use in the campus’ operations, greatly reducing the withdrawal needs off of the Kaskaskia River.

Prairie State has also extensively invested in groundwater monitoring wells, which surround our newest construction project, a coal combustion residual monofill directly adjacent to our power plant. While Prairie State’s new monofill is lined with the best available monofill technology — a three-foot clay liner and two additional layers of synthetic protection that will completely stop and prevent any seepage of the residuals — and the ground wells will provide additional data and evidence to prove that the liner is working effectively.

Reusing Residuals

One of the greatest beneficial reuse stories within the energy industry is the successful reuse and recycling of coal combustion residuals or CCRs. CCRs are the by-products of coal at the end of the power making process. Prairie State has begun studying the marketing of its own CCRs. Part of the process of marketing includes the studying of each facility’s own CCR, understanding the chemical components and where it could best be used. Other coal campuses have successfully reused their CCRs in gypsum for construction, in cement and within reconstruction of roadways. The uses are wide and varied, and more uses are developing each day. Prairie State’s beneficial reuse plan will be launched in 2014.