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Supercritical steam generating technology gives PSGC an efficiency advantage. Steam drives the turbine units, which in turn, drives an electrical generator, sending electricity throughout the grid to Midwest families and businesses.


Northern Illinois Municipal Power Agency (NIMPA)

NIMPA was officially certified by the Illinois Secretary of State designating it as an Illinois joint action agency on July 28, 2004. This agency consists of a combination of Illinois municipalities that own or operate an electric utility that furnish retail electric service to the public.

NIMPA will jointly plan, finance, own and operate facilities relating to electrical energy and the acquisition of fuel for the generation of electrical energy in order to achieve economies and efficiencies not possible for municipalities acting alone. NIMPA municipality members are: City of Batavia; City of Rochelle; and City of Geneva. www.nimpa.us

Southern Illinois Power Cooperative (SIPC)

Southern Illinois Power Cooperative is a generation and transmission cooperative providing wholesale electric power to seven member distribution cooperatives and three wholesale customers in Illinois. Annual revenues are $200 million and assets are approaching $1 billion. SIPC owns coal-fired and natural-gas-fired generation plants which are located in Williamson and Washington Counties, Illinois. In addition, SIPC has long-term power contracts for hydro in the TVA region and wind located in Paxton, Illinois. With cooperatives and customers located throughout the southern portion of Illinois, it owns and operates over 900 miles of high-voltage transmission and multiple substations. www.sipower.org

Prairie Power, Inc.

Prairie Power, Inc., is a member-owned, not-for-profit electric generation and transmission cooperative, which produces and supplies wholesale electricity to 10 electric distribution cooperatives in central Illinois. PPI’s distribution cooperatives provide retail electric service to approximately 78,000 consumers within their local service territories. PPI is one of more than 60 generation and transmission (G&T) cooperatives that supply wholesale electricity to rural utilities in the United States.

PPI owns and operates approximately 590 miles of transmission lines at 138 kV, 69 kV and 34.5 kV; 141 MW of oil and gas-fired peaking units; and 78 distribution and transmission substations to serve its members. www.ppi.coop